Victoria Drought Resilience Adoption & Innovation Hub
A unique state-wide partnership to enhance drought resilience on farms, in the environment, and in our communities.


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Introduction to the Hub

The Victoria Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub includes five regional nodes, each coordinated by a locally based, credible community agricultural organisation. They will deliver targeted regional activities and outputs whilst contributing to coordinated Hub impacts across the whole of Victoria. The Hub is supporting agriculture, environment, communities, and regions to adapt, reorganise, and transform so they are better prepared and more resilient to the impacts of drought.

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Listen to Country Today interview with Dookie Drought Hub Leader, Professor Tim Reeves:

Hub Scale

Our hub targets the issues of drought exposure and preparedness across:

Hub Design

The Hub headquarters site is at The University of Melbourne's Regional Campus in Dookie with five regional nodes across Victoria.

1. Dookie - Hub HQ

University of Melbourne Logo

2. Gippsland

Julian Hill,

Gippsland Food and Fibre Logo

3. South-West

Bret Ryan,   office@sfs.org.au

Southern Farming Systems Logo

4. North-West
Tom Draffen, droughtinnovationhub@bcg.org.au

Birchip Cropping Group Logo

5. NW Irrigated Hort.
Rebecca Wells, rebecca.wells1@unimelb.edu.au

Mallee Regional Innovation Centre logo

6. NW North-East
Dr Sara Hely, research@riverineplains.org.au

Riverine Plains Logo

Hub HQ Team

The Hub Co-Directors, Prof Tim Reeves and Prof Ruth Nettle have delivered significant national and international research and development programs with extensive experience in leading and managing complex transdisciplinary programs with rural industries, communities and diverse stakeholder groups.
The Hub Knowledge Broker, Associate Prof Rebecca Lester has extensive experience in the integration of knowledge to holistic management of regional communities, balancing economic, social and environmental outputs in a manner that will be sustainable into the future, including under drought.
Professor Tim Reeves Photo

"The real thrust of the drought resilience hub is to help us to help farmers, help land managers, help the communities to be more resilient to future droughts we don't want to be scrambling around during the drought we want to be really well prepared."

Professor Tim Reeves
Co Director
Professor Ruth Nettle Photo

“This hub brings together a great team focussed on delivering real impacts for the agri-food sector in Victoria, in terms of enhanced drought resilience and greater adaptation to our changing climate."

Professor Ruth Nettle
Co director
Associate Professor Rebecca Lester Photo

“The new Drought Hub offers an opportunity to build upon the strengths of our regional and rural communities and to ensure a sustainable future for our agricultural regions economically, socially and environmentally.”

A. Professor Rebecca Lester
Knowledge Broker

Our Partners

The Hub draws on capabilities and resources from ten principal investor partner organisations and numerous associates across the whole of Victoria. The four regional universities, together with Agriculture Victoria, have each conducted extensive research on drought, climate variability and water management, developing a deep understanding of how their communities are impacted by drought.
The partnership is ideally placed to co-design activities that addresses end-user needs and achieve positive outcomes.

This project received funding from the Australian Government's Future Drought Fund.

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